Ketamine Therapy

Our IV Ketamine Therapy program has helped many patients in Central New York reduce symptoms associated with their depression and other mental health disorders.

Finding peace of mind sometimes requires thinking outside the box. At Captivate Wellness, we aim to incorporate mental health as a critical part of self-care. Our IV Ketamine Therapy program has helped many patients in Central New York reduce symptoms associated with their depression and other mental health disorders. Though not a traditional first-line treatment, Ketamine Therapy has been extensively researched and backed by scientific studies. This therapy method can offer you comfort and set you on a healthier path and is administered by a physician-led team of medical and mental health professionals. Get in touch today to learn more about this treatment, the benefits it can provide, and if you may be a candidate. 

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What Is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic medication that has been used safely since the 1970s. When administered in small doses by a physician, this medication can successfully treat patients with certain mental health disorders. It activates essential communication pathways in the brain, helping you find relief much faster than typical daily medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Ketamine Therapy can help:

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Give you clarity about past events and reassess your experiences.
  • Soothe your system and relieve stress.
  • Ease symptoms of PTSD
  • Address Bipolar Disorder, certain eating disorders, OCD, and Post-Partum Depression (on a case-by-case basis).
  • See faster results than traditional therapy.

Ketamine Intake Questionnaire

If you are interested in ketamine therapy, please fill out our intake form so that Dr. Reeves can review it before your phone consultation. Click the button below to view and submit the form.


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What Can I Expect From Treatments?

On the day of your treatment, you will be able to have a light meal of toast or cereal four hours before your appointment time and clear liquids (pulp-free juice, water, Gatorade, black tea, or coffee) two hours before your appointment time. A set of vital signs will be obtained. You may be asked to complete a quick assessment. A small IV catheter will be placed.

Once ready, you will be led to one of our relaxing treatment rooms with a comfortable zero-gravity recliner. There will be low lighting and relaxing music. You will be offered a blanket, an eye mask, and headphones if you prefer your music or white noise. We will decide in advance if a support person will accompany you into the treatment room. We HIGHLY encourage your therapist to join you. The infusion will begin, and within 15 minutes, you may enter a “dissociative” state. Most people describe this as pleasant and profound. Some call it their “happy place”; others describe it as a state of connectedness and empathy.

Your vital signs will be monitored at regular intervals during the session. The infusion will last between 40-50 minutes. Soon after the infusion is complete, the dissociative effects will wear off. You will remain in our clinic for approximately 30 more minutes before you are released home with a friend or relative.

Ketamine Therapy Results

You will not be able to drive for the rest of the day, and we recommend not making major life changes for 24 hours after your treatment. Most patients notice a difference after the first 1-3 infusions, especially with small functional improvements like sleeping better, having improved energy, and leaving the house. It is important not to have set expectations for how you will feel… There is no one way to feel after your first infusion, and this is a series for a reason!

Scientific studies and clinical experience around the US have shown a response rate of 70% for patients that complete the initial series of ketamine infusions, with 25% achieving remission in patients that have failed traditional medications. Scientific studies have also shown large decreases (>50%) in depression rating scales for patients with treatment-resistant depression.


$450/infusion. We do take Care Credit so that patients can have affordable financing.  

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