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Co-founder | Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rebecca Reeves was born and raised in Central New York. She successfully completed the Doctor of Osteopathic medicine program at Virginia Tech in 2004 and completed her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2012. She takes pride in following principles of holistic medicine, recognizing the interconnectedness of her patient’s mental and physical well-being to optimize health. In 2021 she began as medical director and co-founder of the novel self-care company: Captivate IV Wellness and Beauty Bar.

Dr Reeves brings her medical expertise and years of clinical experience to Captivate, overseeing its operation as a safe medical practice that uses only the highest quality products and pharmaceuticals. She understands the incredible benefits of Ketamine treatment and has been using Ketamine in her anesthesia practice since 2009. She has completed competency training specifically to bring these benefits to the outpatient and mental health arena. She manages the practice to guarantee all staff are properly trained, competent and experienced. Dr. Reeves’ vision for Captivate is to create a space where all feel comfortable walking in and tending to each patient’s mind, body, and soul.

Dr Rebecca Reeves resides in Skaneateles with her husband and three children. Her favorite forms of self-care are practicing good skin hygiene, traveling, learning about other cultures, reading, meditation/yoga, and playing tennis.

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