Brain Bag IV Therapy

Unlock your full mental potential and maintain heightened focus and alertness with our Brain Bag IV infusion.

Brain Bag IV Therapy Contents

B Vitamins | Alpha Lipoic Acid | Magnesium | NAD 50mg (optional for an extra mind boost)


Unlock your full mental potential and maintain heightened focus and alertness with our Brain Bag IV infusion. Bursting with powerful nutrients like B Vitamins and magnesium, this IV solution is expertly crafted to elevate your energy levels and supercharge your brainpower. Whether you’re gearing up for a significant work event or simply aiming to stay on top of your hectic schedule, this IV is tailor-made to meet your needs and help you perform at your best.

Brain Bag IV Benefits

Our Brain Bag IV delivers immediate results, improving your focus, concentration, brain cell communication, and memory right after your treatment session! This fact-acting action results in several benefits including:

  • Promoting mental cognition and cognitive longevity
  • Enhancing creativity and alertness
  • Combating brain fog

What Can I Expect?

IV Therapy is an intravenous procedure, meaning that it is administered through the veins. This allows the formula to be administered directly into the bloodstream. The treatment is generally tolerable and usually takes an hour. No anesthesia is needed for IV Therapy.

You can choose to get the procedure done on-site at one of our locations or in the comfort of your own home.

  • IV On-site Service – Treatments will take place in a relaxing, private treatment room, and your Captivate provider will start the procedure.
  • IV Mobile Service – One of our professionals will meet you at your workplace or in the comfort of your home (as long as it has a qualified room). There, they will start the treatment. Call (315) 277-2602 to book our mobile IV service.

How Much Does the Brain Bag IV Cost?

Please contact us to get the latest pricing information.

Book IV Wellness Treatments in Skaneateles or Syracuse

Enhance your mental clarity and cognitive performance with our Brain Bag IV Therapy treatments! To get started, get in touch with one of our offices here in New York by clicking the button below or calling our mobile IV number to have us come to you: (315) 277-2602.

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