Our aim is to offer an accessible, all-inclusive wellness ‘one-stop’ for holistic body optimization.

Photo of Caitie, Rebecca, and Kristyna


Origin Story

Our aim in developing both a mobile and brick-and-mortar location for Captivate was to offer simply this; an accessible, all-inclusive wellness ‘one-stop’ for holistic body optimization.

We believe a healthy physical constitution is not possible without an emphasis on the mind and spirit as well – thus, we set out to curate the latest in healthcare innovations that emphasize proactive and preventative healing modalities and traditional response-based medical care.

Looking our best starts on the inside, so we have procured a dynamic IV Hydration selection including Athletic Recovery, Immune Support, Beauty Enhancements, Anti-Aging, and more. Our focus on cognitive health has yielded the region’s first science-backed Ketamine Therapy location; we are thrilled to invite you to experience this age-old treatment that is remerging across the country at the forefront of mental wellness.

Lastly, one can look forward to indulging in our aesthetic treatments to accompany their interior wellness journey. ‘Our destination is home to various skincare therapies, Botox, Fillers, and age-defying topical offerings at our Beauty Bar. Services that start within and enhance without; Captivate is a veritable full-service glow-up for the mind, body, and spirit.

Meet the Founders

Experienced medical professionals unite to make self-care, at the patient level, more accessible to all.

Caitlin Sloane

Caitlin Wojdyla, RN

Co-founder | CEO

Photo of Kristyna

Kristyna H. Giancola, PA

Co-founder | President

Photo of Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca Reeves

Co-founder | Chief Medical Officer



Our Purpose

Our greater goal is to normalize a holistic approach towards wellness that unites physical and mental health. We can only truly be ‘well’ if our mind, body, and soul are in sync.

Be Good to Yourself & Others

We all know the importance of a healthy body but we believe a healthy mind is just as important. Being good to yourself is the first step to being good to others. Prioritize self-care.


Everyone has different goals and concerns. We carefully assess the unique needs of each individual and customize our services and product recommendations accordingly.

Professionalism & Transparency

As medical professionals and self-care enthusiasts, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety, service and integrity to provide our customers with the best experience.

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