We offer IV Therapy treatments to alleviate stress and get you back on track.

The hustle and bustle of modern life can cause excessive stress. Many of us juggle family and career responsibilities, which can be rewarding but do little to help us relax. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t seem to find a respite, our IV Therapy treatments may be right for you. At Captivate Wellness, we offer several formulas to alleviate feelings of stress, restore energy, elevate mood, and more. IV Drips are available at our offices or through our mobile service!

What Causes Stress?

Stress is closely linked to our natural “flight or fight” response. When your brain perceives a threat, it sends adrenaline coursing through your system, getting you ready to run or do battle. When you are constantly in this state, your ability to relax becomes affected. Without relaxation, you can experience moodiness and high blood pressure, which is bad for the heart. Your sleep and appetite may also be negatively impacted. Common causes of stress include:

  • Work – Feeling pressured at work or struggling to find a job.
  • Family – Having relationship difficulties or going through a divorce.
  • Financial Problems – Having a hard time paying bills.
  • Health – Being ill, injured, or losing someone.

How Do We Relieve Stress?

Our Captivate Complete formula is an excellent option for easing stress and getting you back on track. This formula contains Magnesium Chloride, B-Complex Vitamins, Glutathione, and more. These ingredients combine to ease fatigue and stress, along with improving your immune system. A stronger immune system means greater resilience to what life throws at you.

Captivate Complete IV Therapy

Captivate Complete is our very own special mix of vitamins and minerals formulated to help with generalized fatigue, stress, and illness. It will give your immune defenses a supercharge and will also help you clear your body of free radicals.

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What to Expect From Treatment

Our IV infusion formulas take little time to administer and can be done here at our office or at the comfort of your home through our mobile service. IV treatments don’t require any downtime and often result in some immediate improvement. Following your session, you will notice an improved mood, more energy, and a greater ability to concentrate than before. Get in touch to discuss our options and find the best IV infusion for you.

IV Drips to Relieve Stress in Skaneateles and Syracuse

Feeling stressed? Get in touch with our team at Captivate Wellness to see what our IV Therapy treatments can do for you! You can connect with our offices here in New York by clicking the button below or calling us at (315) 277-2602 for Syracuse 315-640-3870 for Skaneateles. Ask about our mobile services!


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