Bipolar Disorder

We offer Ketamine Therapy for treating Bipolar Disorder in certain individuals.

Manic depression, now referred to as Bipolar Disorder, is a lifelong condition that unfortunately can’t be cured. However, this disorder can be treated, and its symptoms can be addressed with the proper help and guidance. Here at Captivate Wellness, we provide Ketamine Therapy treatments to ease the symptoms of this disorder and make life more manageable. Schedule a consultation to learn more today. 

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings. These mood swings are highs and lows, called manic episodes or hypomania and bipolar depression. These ups and downs can cause significant daily difficulties and affect intimate relationships. There are several subtypes of this disorder, each with its own diagnostic characteristics:

  • Bipolar I Disorder – Characterized by one manic episode that may be preceded or followed by hypomanic or major depressive episodes. In some cases, psychosis may occur during a manic episode.
  • Bipolar II Disorder – Characterized by at least one major depressive episode and at least one hypomanic episode – but does not include manic episodes.
  • Cyclothymic Disorder – Characterized by at least two years, or one year in children and teenagers, of many periods of hypomania symptoms and periods of depressive symptoms (though less severe than major depression).
  • Other – Bipolar and related disorders can be induced by certain drugs or alcohol or due to a medical condition. Cushing’s disease is a common cause, as are multiple sclerosis and stroke.

How Do We Address Bipolar Disorder?

Ketamine Therapy has shown promising signs when it comes to addressing treatment-resistant depression and other mental health issues. This method can be used to treat Bipolar Disorder. However, you will need to be evaluated before treatment. This therapy method is only available on a case-by-case basis.

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What to Expect From Treatment

Ketamine infusions take approximately 40-50 minutes to perform. At around the 15-minute mark, you will enter a “dissociative state,” which most patients describe as pleasant and profound. In most cases, at least 1-3 sessions are needed to begin noticing a difference. If you are eligible to undergo this treatment, we will monitor your progress to determine if it is truly beneficial. We urge you to stay in touch and schedule follow-up sessions regularly.

Treatments for Bipolar Disorder in Skaneateles and Syracuse, NY

Bipolar Disorder can be debilitating if left untreated. Here at Captivate Wellness, we provide Ketamine Therapy, which is an effective option for addressing certain disorders. Get in touch with one of our offices here in New York to learn more about this treatment method. You can reach us by clicking on the button below or giving us a call at (315) 277-2602 for Syracuse or Skaneateles.


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