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IV Wellness & Beauty Bar

Re-establish Physical & Mental Vitality & Wellness

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Beauty Bar

Improve signs of aging by restoring hydration, vitality and brightness to your skin.

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IV Wellness

Boost energy, immunity and recovery from within with antioxidants and vitamins - IV Therapy.

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Ketamine Therapy

Relieve mental health issues and chronic pain by stimulating the formation of new receptors.

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Reduce the appearance of wrinkles with help from our industry-leading injectables – including BOTOX® Cosmetic.


Enhanced Self-Care at the Patient Level

Caitlin Sloane Captivate IV Wellness
Kristina Giancola Captivate IV Wellness

We take a holistic approach to self-care that considers both the mind and body. We offer a wide range of treatments that address mental health, physical wellness, chronic pain, and cosmetic needs.

IV Drips & Vitamin Infusion

Hydrate Your Body

Our IV drips and vitamin infusions are available on-site at our upstate New York locations and as a mobile service. Our designated professionals can bring treatments to you and administer them in the comfort of your own home. Call (315) 277-2602 to book our mobile IV service.

NAD+ IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $155

Captivate Complete IV drips

Myers Cocktail

IV Drips & Drops

Cost $185

Beauty IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $175

NAD+ IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $255

Captivate Complete IV drips

Captivate Complete

IV Drips & Drops

Cost $255

Beauty IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $255

Recovery IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $255

Immunity IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $255

Energy IV drips


IV Drips & Drops

Cost $255



What We Treat

Our treatments are personalized to meet your needs at every level. Whether you struggle with acne scarring, sun damage, or wrinkles – we have your solutions. Find your concern and learn what we can do for you by connecting with our team today.


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Medical Professionals

Caitlin Wojdyla, a registered nurse, Dr. Rebecca Reeves, an anesthesiologist, and Kristyna Giancola, a physician assistant, are committed to offering the very latest in innovative wellness therapies, coupled with a timeless intent: to inspire your best self from within.

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Captivate IV Wellness and Beauty Bar Team


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Siobhan KeoughSiobhan Keough
08:45 03 Oct 22
Captivate is an amazing business run my amazing women! They are changing the way we view our health and giving people options to preventatively boost their immune system!
Randalee PalladinoRandalee Palladino
19:22 14 Sep 22
I’ve been to this wellness center many times and for different things! Each visit is met with open arms and warmth. Education and comfort. Reassurance and perfect results! I will forever be a client! Make an appointment today!!!
Ashley FAshley F
13:02 09 Jul 22
I have had the best experience with Captivate! A few months ago I started having horrible symptoms like full body tremors, random panic attacks, and numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes. I had every test done to rule out MS, ALS, Parkinsons, etc, and in the end it was just b12 deficiency. My primary care doctor scheduled me for b12 injections, spaced a week apart each. I would start to feel better but then in just under a week I would start to get the symptoms again. What was really annoying was that half the time my doctors office would not just do the injection and charge for that, but would also charge a fee for a checkup appointment, when it was really just a shot and a brief "How are your symptoms now?" chat. So that was running into the literal hundreds of dollars. I started going to Captivate for my shots because it's a lot closer to me, the shots are only slightly more than what I paid after insurance at the doctors office, and I know they aren't going to bill me for random extra charges like my doctor did.After going to Captivate for a few weeks, I turned into a whole new energetic and happy person. I started jogging again, for the first time since 2014! I no longer get random panic attacks, and all of my previous symptoms have gone away. The women who run the establishment are so kind and caring, and the popup office is very pretty, tranquil, and inviting. I highly recommend this business for all you injectable wellness (and beauty!) needs.
Shelly WitchleyShelly Witchley
04:50 07 Jul 22
I had a great experience getting rehydrated after a food poisoning issue this week. Wellnow DOES NOT OFFER IV’s, and waiting in an ER was not where I wanted to be in my condition. These women got me right in after I waited at Wellnow, only to be told that they couldn’t hydrate me. An easy location across from The Dark Horse too. I’m so glad that they were on it and could help me right away, it made the difference between continuing to go downhill, and being on the mend and feeling better. Thanks ladies! You girls rock! I will definitely be back to check out your other services too.
Elizabeth SerranoElizabeth Serrano
00:42 02 Jul 22
I can’t express how absolutely amazing my experience here has been! The medical team here is incredible and so knowledgeable. I’ve been getting NAD+ IV treatments (so far I’ve had 2) and it’s been nothing short of an incredible result. I feel so much more energy every single day, I’m not In pain after working out anymore, my neck and back pain GONE, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in cognitive function especially at work! I also got my Botox done here and I was again so satisfied with my result! I am so happy to see Captivate bring a Health and Wellness one stop shop to the Syracuse community. Book here you won’t regret it!!