Caitlin Wojdyla, RN

Caitlin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Captivate IV Wellness and Beauty Bar.

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CAITLIN WOJDYLA is the Co-Founder and CEO of Captivate IV Wellness and Beauty Bar. She is a Registered Nurse experienced in Neuromodulation, Cardiac, Critical Care, Cardiac Surgery, and IV Therapy. Upon frequent travel and observation, Caitlin recognized a distinct lack of services in the Upstate/Western NY region for the latest wellness practices currently thriving in larger cities across the country. Her 13 years in the healthcare field, the merited medical knowledge of her partners, and their intuitive pursuit of these cutting-edge offerings, yielded CAPTIVATE.

Caitlin is a graduate of The University of Rochester School of Nursing and LeMoyne College and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Consistent throughout her career has been her passion for optimizing healthcare, focusing on preventative wellness and vitality. With her extensive training in IV Wellness, she is excited to offer cutting-edge therapies to the city she calls home.

The field of wellness and its ever-growing rise as a dominant industry will undoubtedly permeate the region, with ‘Captivate’ at the forefront. This exciting new venture intends to offer a curated and constantly updated menu of services that resonate with the physical body and that of the mind and spirit.

Caitlin’s central roles include that of a Wife and Mother. It is with the desire to continue to nurture and grow those relationships as holistically and expansively as possible that her newfound commitment to ‘Captivate’ and the future of a ‘Captivate Community’ is possible. We are grateful to welcome you too!

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