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Amino Blend | Mineral Blend | Vitamin C | B-Complex | Vitamin B12 | Glutathione | Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Give yourself the maximum recovery from workouts and illness. Rehydrate and refresh the body, boost immune function, reduce inflammation, and support faster muscle healing.

What Is a Recovery IV?

An intravenous therapy with fluids that help hydrate the body, while vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids give your energy levels a boost and help repair tissue damage.

Why is IV Recovery Important for Athletes?

IV Recovery therapy is important for athletes and bodybuilders because it is an essential aspect of restoring the body and avoiding the adverse effects of highly demanding workout sessions. IV therapies provide a special mix of electrolytes and fluids in charge of delivering minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that are essential for recovering energy levels and tissues after a demanding workout session.

Can I Workout After Getting a Recovery IV?

Generally, it is advised to pause the exercise routine for a few days, as well as to wear compression socks for as long as possible in order to get optimal results. However, each patient should receive their own personal medical orientation from our physicians.

Can IVs in General Be a Pre-Workout?

While IV Recovery Shots may not be advised before a workout session, other IV fluids, such as IV hydration, can go a long way as a pre-workout. They can help boost energy levels, decrease recovery time and help boost muscle repair.


With Captivate, you can choose to head on into our location for recovery IV therapy, or you can request our mobile services.

On-site Service: Our experienced registered nurse will administer your recovery IV in a relaxing and calming environment.

Mobile Service: Our experienced registered nurse will meet you in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to be treated (as long as it has a qualified room).


Our mission is to embrace our clients’ needs and make sure they have their best experience by uniting the importance of self care, mental health and physical wellness. We want you to feel happy and healthy. That is why Captivate provides high-end procedures, the best professionals with outstanding background, and private and relaxing rooms for every patient and/or meets them in the comfort of their own homes. We want to provide a unique experience for you to walk out of our doors after each visit feeling the best version of yourself.

Are you ready to feel the best version of yourself?

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