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Our Hangover IV can be a real life saver! Learn how it can help you get back on your feet and feel better to go about your day:

What is a Hangover IV?

Our Hangover IV is a specialized formulation of fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes that help to eliminate hangover symptoms. This IV encourages detoxification pathways, while replenishing nutrients and eliminating toxins.

Are Hangover IVs the Fastest Solution for Hangover Symptoms?

The best, fastest and most effective solution for hangovers is definitely the Hangover IV Treatment. Because hangover shots are intravenous, they are administered through injections into the veins and enter the bloodstream directly. Every medication, supplement or fluid that is injected directly into the bloodstream kicks in quickly and more effectively.

How Long Does It Take For A Hangover IV To Kick In?

Most people leave the treatment room already feeling more energized and refreshed! But all patients can expect to notice the benefits about two to four hours after the procedure.

Are Hangover IVs Better Than Drinking Water to Cure Hangovers?

IV fluids do work faster than drinking water, but you should aways remember to drink water everyday for a healthier body and mind.


With Captivate, you can choose to head on into our location for Hangover IV treatment, or you can request our mobile services.

On-site Service: Our experienced registered nurse will administer your hangover IV in a relaxing and calming environment.

Mobile Service: Our experienced registered nurse will meet you in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to be treated (as long as it has a qualified room).


Our mission is to embrace our clients’ needs and make sure they have their best experience by uniting the importance of self care, mental health and physical wellness. We want you to feel happy and healthy. That is why Captivate provides high-end procedures, the best professionals with outstanding background, and private and relaxing rooms for every patient and/or meets them in the comfort of their own homes. We want to provide a unique experience for you to walk out of our doors after each visit feeling the best version of yourself.

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