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Get your body detoxed and ready for action!

Learn more on how IV Detox Therapy can cleanse your body from all toxins:

What is a IV Detox Therapy?

IV stands for intravenous, which means that IV Detox is a procedure that works with injections filled with detoxing components into the veins. It’s a treatment that administers fluids to the body directly into the bloodstream, which makes this IV treatment extremely effective and fast-acting.

How Can IV Detox Therapy Be Helpful?

IV Detox Therapy flushes your body with fluids filled with vitamins and minerals that can help improve the functioning of your vital organs. It washes away all sorts of toxins that may be harming your body function, especially the liver. It can also increase your energy levels, memory, focus, and beauty.

Can IV Detox Help With Hangover Symptoms?

Yes! Some kind of IV treatments can help with hangover symptoms. The main ones are our Hangover IV Therapy, that typically contains hydrating fluids and anti-nausea medications, and our IV Detox Therapy, that also contains hydrating fluid and ingredients to help cleanse the liver.

Are Detox IVs the Fastest Way to Detox the Body?

The best, fastest and most effective way to detox the body and increase liver function is definitely the IV Detox Therapy. Because IV Detox is intravenous, it is administered through injections into to the veins, entering the bloodstream directly. Any medication, supplement or fluid that is injected directly into the bloodstream kicks in quickly and more effectively.

How Long Does It Take For A Detox IV to Work?

In some cases, you may feel the effects almost immediately. In other cases, it may take more time. Most patients leave the procedure room already feeling more energized and refreshed! But patients can also expect to notice the benefits about two to four hours after the procedure.

How Long Does IV Detox Benefits Last?

The beneficial effects can last for up to a few days, depending on each case.

Is IV Detox Therapy Good For the Liver?

Yes! One the the main goals of the IV Detox Therapy is to detoxify and cleanse the liver with the powerful action of Alpha-lipoic acids and glutathione. This is why this procedure is also known as IV Liver Detox and even IV Alcohol Detox.

What Are the Signs That My Liver Needs a Detox?

There are four main signs that can tell you that you might need IV Detox Therapy:

  • Fatty floating stools
  • Being overweight
  • Fatigue
  • New allergies

Can I Get IV Detox at Home?

Yes! At Captivate, we offer both on-site and mobile services. Which means you can either come to our clinic for treatment or get it from the comfort of your home.


With Captivate, you can choose to head on into our location for Detox IV therapy, or you can request our mobile services.

On-site Service: Our experienced registered nurse will administer your Detox IV in a relaxing and calming environment.

Mobile Service: Our experienced registered nurse will meet you in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to be treated (as long as it has a qualified room).

Can IV Detox Therapy Cause Side Effects?

Some patients can experience minor side effects such as mild pain, swelling and scarring at the IV drip site.

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