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Captivate IV Wellness & Beauty Bar

Restore Skin Volume. Boost Self-Esteem. Get Restylane Treatment At Captivate Today!

Book injectable Restylane fillers to correct facial asymmetries, lines, and wrinkles. Our non-surgical treatment is proven to help patients look younger and better.

Elizabeth SerranoElizabeth Serrano
00:42 02 Jul 22
I can’t express how absolutely amazing my experience here has been! The medical team here is incredible and so knowledgeable. I’ve been getting NAD+ IV treatments (so far I’ve had 2) and it’s been nothing short of an incredible result. I feel so much more energy every single day, I’m not In pain after working out anymore, my neck and back pain GONE, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in cognitive function especially at work! I also got my Botox done here and I was again so satisfied with my result! I am so happy to see Captivate bring a Health and Wellness one stop shop to the Syracuse community. Book here you won’t regret it!!
John ReedyJohn Reedy
15:22 28 Jun 22
Krystina is a great PA and she is a nice person.
Erika OErika O
19:54 16 Jun 22
I highly recommend. I came for an IV solution after food poisoning/ not receiving enough fluids at the emergency room. I wish I would have skipped the emergency room and went here first. I felt myself getting better instantly. Nice staff, welcoming and comfortable environment.
Angela PerezAngela Perez
18:53 03 Jun 22
Pleasant experience. I'm glad to find this business. Charming, clean, and welcoming. I will definitely be back!
Amy BanksAmy Banks
17:11 15 May 22
I was a little worried about the "pop up" location, but was pleasantly surprised! The place was charming, comfortable and, most importantly, very clean. I made my appointment online which was easy and convenient. The staff was friendly, knowledgable and more than happy to answer all of my questions. They never made me feel rushed. It was a wonderful experience. I will definitely be back!

Learn the main benefits of Restylane injections below

Facial balancing

Restylane injections can fix uneven face areas and correct age-related skin volume losses. It works by stimulating the production of new collagen for improved firmness and elasticity.

Skin rejuvenation

Ideal for all skin types, Restylane corrects lines, wrinkles, and folds on the eyelids, cheeks, and chin. If you’re looking to turn back the clock or improve the look of your skin, Restylane may be for you.

Lip enhancement

Restylane lip fillers are injected to enhance, reshape, and plump the lips. They provide a smooth appearance to the lips and make them look full when you pout for the camera.
The Experience

Why Choose Captivate?

We understand that aging, genetics, or weight loss are responsible for your skin losing volume or flexibility. That’s why we offer Restylane injections to help you rejuvenate your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and re-plump lips. We want you to leave our clinic satisfied and happy about your new appearance.

Our cosmetic specialist, Krystina, is a highly qualified and licensed professional with years of experience administering Restylane injections for patients like you. Our treatment plan is personalized to your requirement and applied in a safe and comfortable environment.

Ready to feel the best version of yourself?

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Let's start this journey together here and now. Take the bold step to achieving your younger and happier self.


More About Restylane Fillers

Restylane filler results are immediate and can last between 9-18 months. The treatment takes between 20-30 minutes, and you don’t require anesthesia before treatment. Here’re a couple more questions we get asked the most:

Restylane is highly effective at treating wrinkles, lines, and folds on the skin. It’s also FDA-approved to treat lip enhancement, which means it’s a safe option for patients looking to achieve plumper and fuller lips. However, you may not be eligible for the treatment if you have a skin condition such as an overgrowth of scar tissue.

Restylane and Juvéderm are composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), which acts as a natural acid in the body with a unique ability to hold water. This makes it an ideal substance for filling wrinkles and folds and volumizing lips. While both fillers are effective at smoothing wrinkles, Restylane works longer than Juvéderm, which means fewer injections over time.

The most common side effects of Restylane injections include swelling, mild discomfort, and redness at the injection site, which usually go away after a few days.

Restylane injection is administered in our private and relaxing rooms or the comfort of your home. We don’t use anesthesia during the procedure. Your skin will be sensitive after the procedure, so we advise you to apply heat and makeup onto the treated area.

Our offices are conveniently located in Syracuse, NY, and Skaneateles, NY. So, if you’re looking for Juvéderm injections in the city, we’ve got you covered!

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